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    Auteur: Labian, Catherine (ed.)
    Artikel Antoon van den Braembussche: ‘The Silence of Belgium: Taboo and Trauma in Belgian Memory’ (p.35-53). 
    Uitgever: Yale University
    Gepubliceerd: 2002
    ISBN: 0 300 09772 7
    What is the nature of the relationship between memory, identity, and culture in a recently federalized nation? In Belgian Memories, writers and scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, including ethnology, linguistics, philosophy, literature, history, film, art history, and geography, ask to what extent Belgium’s literary and visual environment (from novels to paintings, comic strips to movies, and architecture to urban planning) reflects distinctly Belgian ways of dealing with the past. Such issues have become more pressing since Belgium has reconstituted itself politically and must deal with the prospect that it might itself become a memory.
    Aantal pagina’s:  210