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  • 18/02/2014

    1 April 2014 (13-15h)

    Lecture: Mind and Body. Merleau-Ponty and Dôgen. by: Prof. Dr. em. Antoon Van den Braembussche

    Honours Class Comparative Philosophy @ Leiden University

    ‘Philosophy’ cannot be reduced to ‘Western philosophy’ anymore. In our globalizing world, other intellectual traditions, e.g. Chinese and Indian, make themselves felt. All these traditions sometimes radically diverge from, sometimes also run strikingly parallel to ­each other, in case they do not overlap.

    Leiden University


    It is mainly ‘Western’ thinking, though, that dominates our globe, esp. in its juridical, political, maybe even religious, values, structures and distinctions. By (re)contextualizing Western philosophical traditions, a comparative approach of philosophy tries to assess this dominance. Such an approach has the triple merit, firstly, of digging deeper into philosophical ideas and concepts than would be possible as from their original framework, secondly, of exploring new horizons for thought in our 21st Century, and thirdly, to critically reflect upon standardized academic approaches and epistemic biases.

    Concretely, this class will close- and cross-read philosophical texts from different intellectual traditions, mainly ‘Western’, ‘Indian’ and ‘Chinese’


    Number of sessions: 13, Tuesdays, 13.00 - 15.00 hrs, starting at Tuesday 4 February 2014

    Subjects: Introduction to comparative philosophy, philosophy and religion, Cosmology, Mind/Body & Soul, Experience & Perception, Nature / Culture distinctions, Illness and Health

    Maximum number of students: 20

    Language: English

    Registering for the Honours Classes

    You can register for an Honours Class via the Honours College Bureau. The Honours Classes are open to Honours College students and all motivated third-year bachelor’s students.

    How to register?

    You can register for the Honours Classes via the Honours College office using a registration form. As part of this registration form, you can upload a list of grades and a motivation letter, preferably in PDF. The motivation letter may be written in English or in Dutch, depending on the language of instruction of the class. The registration deadline depends on the planning of the class; see the programme of the class of your choice. Generally speaking, your registration, including a motivation letter, should have reached the Honours College office before 15 February 2014.

    Successful completion of an Honours Class is equivalent to 5 EC and non-Honours students will be awarded a certificate at the end.

    Note: Honours students must register because taking an Honours Class is a compulsory component of the Honours College! If a class is full, this will be indicated in the information