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    Sarah Westphal


    Publisher:  [BE] Sarah Wespthal  

    Sarah Westphal
    Author: Lut Pil, Antoon Van den Braembussche. Graphic design by Kim Beirnaert and Pierre Stubbe
    Hardback,  24x18mm,  80p,  throughout  colour illustrations,
    English edition   
    Publication date:  [05/11]<   

    ISBN: 9789090261010  ISBN-13: 9789090261010


    First monograph on the work of multidisciplinary artist Sarah Wespthal (° 1981), with an essay by Lut Pil and a philosophical reflection by Antoon Van den Braembussche.

    In her work Sarah Westphal examines the character of worn out or rotten material, the traces people leave behind in their environment and the play of light and dust particles on the surface of an object. Steadily she is working on a collection of two- and three-dimensional images that walk the thin line between fiction and reality.

    ‘A Palimpsest Universe. On a basic motif in Sarahs Westhpal’s work”, in: Sarah Westphal, Palimpsest, Ghent, Museum of Fine Arts, 2011 (p. 70).